Web dating Fredericia

Web dating Fredericia
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Som single kan du selv bestemme, hvor skabet skal stå, og hvornår du kommer hjem. Derfor søger de fleste singler før eller senere en partner.

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On 15 December 1650, the King signed the document giving the town its first privileges, and work on the new fortifications could begin.

In 1651, the town was named Frederiksodde (Frederick's Point) after the king, and on 22 April 1664, it was given the new Latinized name of Fredericia.

However, the fortifications were not perfect, and when Swedish Field Marshal Lennart Torstenson invaded Jutland, he was able to break through the ramparts.

It was Frederick III who was finally able to complete the plans for the fortification, also adding a flank fortification on nearby Bers Odde as suggested by Danish Imperial Marshal Anders Bille.

and is the site of Fredericia municipality's municipal council. The town is a major barracks, home to the Royal Danish Army's army's Signals Regiment (Telegrafregimentet), which is located at Rye's Barracks (Ryes Kaserne) and Bülow's Barracks (Bülows Kaserne).


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    For the next three centuries, the city suffered a series of disasters including the effects of the Dano-Swedish War which terminated with the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, With the development of the rail network, Roskilde became an important hub for traffic with Copenhagen.

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