Single Halsnæs

Single Halsnæs
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It is important in the case of these passports to have us check them, which we will do automatically.A number of imported fjords have arrived in the UK with false passports and if you are unlucky enough to have one of these it means your horse does not have a passport.Gunpowder and cannon balls Check in at Hundested Kro og Hotel.

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Enjoy lunch at Halsnæs Bryghus, then drive to Frederiksværk and visit e.g. Read more The Gunpowder Mill Museum is one of the worlds best preserved powder mills with buildings and working mashines from 1800.

The channel, which leads excess water from Lake Arresø out into Roskilde Fjord, supplies hydro power to operate the gunpowder mill.

We became the first county show ever to hold the World Breeds classes and I'm absolutely thrilled that we have the opportunity to include them in this year's schedule.

People travel from all over the UK to the Cheshire County Show and being able to host prestigious classifications such as this is just one of the reasons why.

For those of you who are new to the breed, Fjord Horses are very versatile family equines, very inquisitive & excel in almost any discipline whether it be driving, logging, dressage, trek, pony club, the list is endless.