Match dating Glostrup

Match dating Glostrup
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RESULTS: Histological evaluation revealed 62 (61.3%) in-phase, 34 (33.7%) dyssynchronous, 2 (2.0%) immature and 3 (3.0%) advanced endometria.

Only those cycles of oocyte donation in which a preceding mid-luteal (cycle days 21–23) `mock' treatment cycle endometrial biopsy had been performed at The New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell University Medical College were selected.

Archived endometrial tissue was processed for standard endometrial histology and immunohistochemical analysis.

In addition, all recipients completed a `mock' preparatory cycle to assess endometrial response to exogenous oestradiol and progesterone.

During `mock' treatment cycles, oocyte recipients underwent endometrial biopsies during standardized cycle days 21–23 (with initiation of progesterone designated as cycle day 15).

The anonymous donors underwent a careful screening process involving medical, genetic and psychological evaluation as described previously (Moomjy , 1995). In most instances, each anonymous donor was matched phenotypically with two potential recipients.