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Kostenlos casual dating Leipzig
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About this request, in a statement before the investigating judge on 14 November 1960, Hefelmann said the following: "I worked on this request, as it was in my department.

Since Hitler's decision was requested, I forwarded it without comment to the Head of Main Office I in the Kd F, Albert Bormann.

If the case of "Child K" actually took place in March 1938, for which there is some evidence, then the case can at best be described as an impetus for the euthanasia of children in Germany and not as its specific cause or trigger.

According to the testimony of the participants, the request on led to a meeting of the parents of the child with the director of the University Children's Hospital, Leipzig, Werner Catel, about the chances of survival of her malformed child.

Moreover, only a people as racially pure as possible could maintain the "struggle for existence".