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Ficktreffen Bielefeld
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In fact, the only negative thing about the hens specifically is that they take a long time, in my experience, to reach point of lay.My own birds didn't begin laying until 44 weeks of age, and while their eggs from the beginning were large to X-large in size, they also tend to be torpedo shaped with low hatching rates in spite of high fertility.

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) — город земельного подчинения на северо-востоке земли Северный Рейн-Вестфалия, Германия.

С населением более чем 320 000 жителей, является крупнейшим городом региона Оствестфален-Липе и его экономическим центром. Около 45% жителей Билефельда принадлежат Евангелической церкви. Остальные 39% принадлежат другой вере или неверующие.

The personalities of these birds are some of the best I've encountered, especially among the males.

At one point I had six Bielefelder cockerels and there wasn't an aggressive or flighty one in the bunch.

True, a couple were less friendly and more nervous than others during adolescence, but not one of them could ever have been considered aggressive to humans or other chickens.