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Dating 40 Gladsaxe
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The firm has since carried out several other design projects at the airport.

Copenhagen Airport is a fascinating study in architectural history in terms of a single firm's development," explains Thomas Scheel, architect and partner at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. The second one, designed by the same architect, features the modernist style of the 1960s.

The 2000 construction of the Øresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden created the need for further expansion.

The first real building went into use in 1939, replacing a wooden structure from 1925.

Subsequently, the airport developed gradually under highly competent management, with the finest names in architecture continuing to ensure the highest building, interior design and furnishing standards.

Vilhelm Lauritzen used wood on the first floors of both the 19 buildings.

"Using wood flooring in a public space seems to go against reason, but the floors from the 1960s proved incredibly durable and still look beautiful," says Thomas Scheel.

A new airport would never be built in such a manner, but Copenhagen Airport's history has given it a singular, intimate atmosphere that has become its hallmark.