Dansk date Holbæk

Dansk date Holbæk
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A series of outer posts slanted towards the wall were possibly used to support the building like buttresses.Denmark's first churches from the 9th century were built of timber and have not survived.

Like three other churches on the island, it is a round church.

The three-storeyed building is supported by a circular outer wall and an exceptionally wide, hollow central column.

In parallel, the half-timbered style became popular for ordinary dwellings in towns and villages across the country.

Late in his reign, Christian IV also became an early proponent of Baroque which was to continue for a considerable time with many impressive buildings both in the capital and the provinces.

It was commissioned by the Danish nobleman Jens Holgersen Ulfstand who called on the services of Adam van Düren, a North German master who also worked on Lund Cathedral.