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Dating deal breakers the final straw
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Women usually use it as a negative term about men who lead them on and seem great at first but have no serious intentions of a relationship.

people who married his or her first-grade crush, you've likely been through a few breakups.

Usually used toward girls or women in anger or to imply someone either sends out lots of nude photos or sleeps with a lot of people.

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1 = “I” 4 = “Love” 3 = “You” Used by: Male/Female Examples: Build Up Courage: To amplify or augment one’s courage to participate in a specific activity or do something that seems difficult at face value or outside of one’s skill set.

This expression is often used to refer to talking to a guy or gal and asking someone out.

A way to describe someone who you think possesses the qualities that would make them a good spouse. A term for a woman or man that would be a great candidate to marry.

Sometimes said to imply an actual interest in marrying the person, other times used as a compliment simultaneous with complimenting someone’s trustworthiness, reliability, intellect, caring nature, etc.

143: Means “I love you” based on the numbers of letters in each word.