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Dating 2 months what to expect
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You can't expect anything, communication is how you find the answer. Now, some people are afraid to ask certain questions and don't want to know the answer, even though they already do.

And others don't want to "jeopardize" anything by being preemptive and making clear you intentions or communicating them and finding out if you're on the same page, instead you just "see where it goes".

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But generally speaking, if you have been dating someone for over 3 months what should you expect?

I've only been in one serious relationship in my life if you can call it that. I don't know what normal communication or anything.

You'll just find yourself questioning his actions/behavior, being "confused" and then ultimately investing more and more "hoping" it is a progressive relationship.

This advice is geared towards the assumption that you are a woman, if you are man it's usually/typically very black and white. I'm looking toward to my 3 month dating "anniversary" and I feel quite confused.

I am asking a question I feel I know the answer to because my GF plays everything off like it's always me and she's never in the wrong.