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Christian singles steinbach
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Supporting Families We want to strengthen families.

Developing Leaders We want to empower effective leaders.

Many jobs are available in the manufacturing, agricultural, and processing sectors, as well as in healthcare, education, and banking & finance.

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Forms should be completed as early as possible and no later than September 15th.

Lesson schedules are arranged by the instructors in the second week of each semester. Instructors will provide a progress report on the student’s performance at the end of each semester.

Steinbach is one of the fastest growing cities in Manitoba with a vibrant business community and a wealth of locally generated economic activity.

As the hub of economic activities in southeastern Manitoba, Steinbach is the regional shopping and service centre, and agriculture supply centre for a large area.

Favourable tax rates, close proximity to several markets, and access to reliable shipping and transportation give companies the right foundation to begin or expand their success in local, national, and international markets.