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3 single 4 ohm subs
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You will more than likely find that the results will be less than optimal.It just doesn't get any easier than this: two terminals ( and -) on the speaker and two leads from the amp, also conveniently labeled and -.Prime free trial and invitee customers: We will automatically apply an Gift Card to your Gift Card Balance in the amount equal to the Prime exclusive discount after you become a paid Prime member.

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For more information on voice coils, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

SVC (Single Voice Coil): Parallel Wiring – This is a wiring configuration that applies the same voltage to all the connected components.

To most of us, none of this makes any sense at all, so Sonic Electronix created a guide for subwoofer wiring diagrams to make sure you connect your subs right the first time!

Simply look at the tables below to find which subwoofer wiring scenario you need and view the diagram!

This subwoofer wiring application includes diagrams for Single Voice Coil (SVC) and Dual Voice Coil (DVC) speakers.